OUR GOAL...  is to take the chance out of your strategic initiatives by providing corporate executives with products that structure and guide strategic initiatives down a path that leads to successful completion. Using our products project cost, effort, and time to completions are reliably estimated and often much less than expected. Barriers to adoption are overcome so that even the most challenging projects are completed on time. OUR MISSION... is to help our clients achieve their business objectives by minimizing risk in projects requiring change adoption. Our products give our clients a powerful combination of software, methods, facilitated workshops, and expert mentoring proven to deliver target business results.  We specialize in products that manage the impact of change resistance on your strategic initiatives for fast, cost effective creation of business value...    YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR PASSION  In the more than fifteen years that Change Delivery methods have been in use, they have proven to be amazingly effective in delivering business value in strategic initiatives that contain an component of organization change or depend on the adoption of change. Over the years, what began as a traditional transformation approach evolved into a potent technology for change—one that overcomes change resistance and other culture barriers that often stand in the way of business success. For many years after its creation, Change Delivery was a tightly controlled trade secret used by a private consulting company. The secrecy ended when Change Delivery Group was chartered to take the product to a broader business market. STUDIES, PAPERS  & TIPS About Change Delivery Group BUSINESS CHALLENGE It’s a cold hard fact. 85-95% of all business projects that require change adoption fail to meet most of their business objectives. Very few show a return on investment. This means any strategic initiative that includes new technology, corporate restructuring, or operating cost reduction is accompanied by a significant element of risk. OUR PARENT COMPANY Change Delivery Group is a business division of LifeColors Production Group, LLC a Colorado limited liability corporation. LifeColors is an asset development firm created to harvest, package and distribute innovative knowledge-based products to the marketplace.