Change on Demand Increase the Velocity of Change Corporations are demanding: They frequently require innovation, cost reduction, performance improvements, and new technology.
The challenge is: How do you introduce business-critical changes when your company is unwilling or slow to adopt them?
ChangePerfect® products can help: Use R-Cat or Change Delivery tools to overcome any resistance that stands in the way of your success.
Products by Change Delivery Group work:
  » In large projects and small
  » In urgent projects and open ended ones
  » As stand-alone methods
  » In addition to familiar BPI tools
  » When used by your trained staff
  » When used by a team of qualified consultants
Meet Business Objectives Fact: You need innovation and performance improvements now
Implement your initiatives with least-cost, least-effort methods
Initiatives are completed on time, on budget
A Packaged Approach Increase
Fact: 85%-95% of all new process and technology iinitiatives fail to deliver intended business value
Solution: Beat industry odds by overcoming barriers to adoption Result: Project objectives and ROI are achieved
Beating Industry Odds Implement
That Last
Fact: Business improvements plus training don’t always produce intended outcomes
Eliminate resistance to required improvements
Result: Business results last after the project ends
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