TWO-PATH ROLLOUT  When planning is complete, Change Delivery mentors guide your team as they incrementally rollout new process and culture changes concurrently. This two- path approach is the core of all Change Delivery tools and methods.   MEASURE AS YOU GO  Feedback mechanisms implemented as part of the program allow you to measure exactly where your project is. At any time, in-flight modifications can be made to project scope and direction with minimal impact on project schedule or budget. CHANGE ADOPTION R-CAT and Change Delivery products increase the speed and sustainability of change by  tapping into the mechanisms organizations use to change naturally. These products work because they overcome the natural tendency of organizations to resist executive-mandated changes. Change Delivery products work because they are engineered to operate according to the latest scientific principles of organization change CHANGE DELIVERY DIFFERENCE  Change Delivery products are unique in the industry. Our methods incorporate the very latest in scientific thinking about organization behavior and organization dynamics. These features distinguish Change Delivery from other, more traditional methods: Bundling a proven methodology with project software, facilitated workshops and expert mentoring Leveraging science to achieve business results Concurrently delivering changes in culture and changes in business processes Systematically identifying and overcoming culture barriers to change Dynamically tailoring the method and project work products to match corporate culture Delivering packaged increments of change at a speed and in a format that ensure ready adoption. STUDIES, PAPERS & TIPS MAKING CHANGE POSSIBLE  Whether your goal is to implement business process improvements, cut costs, or do a complete corporate makeover, Change Delivery products make lasting performance improvements and technology changes possible. CHANGE DELIVERY TOOLKIT  In addition to tools for culture change, the Change Delivery toolkit includes a culture-friendly version of these familiar transformation techniques: Project Planning Performance Assessment Project Management Gap Analysis Resource Management Facilitation & Team Process Engineering Building Measurements & Metrics (PMO) Training and Mentoring Executive Coaching About Our Methods