THE SCIENCE OF CHANGE Change on Demand is the ultimate guide to implementing effective change in slow adopting organizations.  The second edition of the book was released in 2012 and we are please to be able to offer it through Buy your book on TAILORED TO CULTURE Because no two organizations have the same culture blueprint or operating constraints, our products are dynamically configurable to conform to the distinctive culture of your organization. In flight tailoring of methodology and tools provide advantages such as: In-flight flexibility Decreased project risk Increased change adoption Increased value from completed projects Improved long term sustainability of business value  CHANGE DELIVERY Change Deliver is our flagship product, It is engineered for large, complex, or mission  critical projects. Change Delivery projects are highly structured for projects that must avoid risk. The base product configuration assumes a core Change Delivery team of four qualified change agents led by a certified Change Delivery Facilitator. The methodology bundled into Change Delivery is full-featured and exceptionally robust.   R-CAT (RAPID CHANGE ATTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY)  R-CAT is a scaled down version of our Change Delivery product. It helps your team manage moderately sized, less complex projects. The most basic R-CAT product configuration assumes a core team of two qualified change agents. The methodology bundled into R- CAT is less rigorous than that in our Change Delivery product, so R-CAT is most appropriate for  projects that can tolerate a moderate amount of risk.  By changing culture at the same time you reengineer business processes, our products help you deliver business value that lasts long after project teams move on... ALL OUR PRODUCTS INCLUDE  Methodology Scaled to Your Project: Both Change Delivery and R-CAT lead your team step-by-step down the most cost effective path to your goals ChangePerfect Software: This relational database manages linkages between critical project data for accurate project pricing and in-tandem delivery of culture and process change Executive Boot Camp: This workshop introduces executives to the Change Delivery approach (included with Change Delivery product only) Facilitated Workshops: Workshop Mentors guide teams in tailoring project approach to corporate culture (number of workshops varies by product) Structured Mentoring: Our expert Mentors support teams throughout the rollout period to reduce project risk (number of mentoring hours varies by product) STUDIES, PAPERS & TIPS About Our Products