SOLUTIONS FOR CHALLENGING PROJECTS Many performance enhancing initiatives require changes that never get adopted. Change Deliver gets your team past barriers that cause resistance in projects like these: Reengineering, six sigma, or business process improvement Implementation of metrics and performance management systems Industry standard business performance models (ISO, SEI-CMMi, ITIL, etc.) Culturally sensitive technology conversions/ implementations such as ERP, SAP, MRP, & CRM Regulatory compliance Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, out-sourcing Corporate turnarounds When you need a roadmap to success, Change Delivery products guide you toward performance excellence BENEFITS YOUR COMPANY NEEDS NOW  The Change Delivery Group is a proven approach that heps you rapidly meet your business objectives. Starting with quantifiable business outcomes, Change Delivery helps you structure and conduct business initiatives that deliver real and lasting value. When expected. Our pre-project planning strategy takes risk out of your project and helps you understand before launch: The shortest route to the greatest rewards The cost of achieving your objectives (within 10%) The precise start and end dates of your project Resource commitments required by everyone involved (staff and consultants alike) each week of your project When planning is complete, you and your team are ready to launch an initiative that delivers measurable and sustainable results in as little as 90 business days. STUDIES, PAPERS & TIPS METHODS THAT WORK Change Delivery products are complete and cohesive packages tailored to work in your company. They include methods, software, facilitated workshops and mentoring. Our products suitable for any business planning a performance improvement program, a cost reduction initiative, or a corporate makeover. If you want: on time project execution, within budget project completion, measurable value delivered upon project completion, reduced project risk, and ensure change adoption. IF YOU INHERIT A MESS If you were handed someone else’s mess, don’t despair. Our products are especially useful for follow-on initiatives when a previous project failed to deliver expected benefits, exceeded budget or time constraints, or struggled to be adopted. Corporate Solutions